Archeo.S - Kick Off Meeting in Bari [TgR Puglia]

On the 30 and the 31 of May 2011 at the Palace Hotel in Bari (Italy) the Kick-off meeting of the Project Archeo.S. - System of the Archaeological Sites of the Adriatic Sea will take place.

The Project funded under the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme, Priority 2. Natural and Cultural Resources and Risk Prevention, Measure 2.2 - Natural and cultural resource management and prevention of natural and technological risks, is the result of a synergy created by six Bodies located on the Adriatic Sea: "Teatro Pubblico Pugliese" (The Public Apulian Theatre Consortium, Italy) -- Lead Beneficiary, the Municipality of Fier (Albania), the Municipality of Pazin (Croatia), the Municipality of Igoumenitsa (Greece), the Theatre Cities Foundation -- "Teatro Stabile" of the Marche Region (Italy) and the Region Abruzzo (Italy).

This synergy is intended to enhance those Italian Greek, Albanian and Croatian cultural sites that enshrine the history, art and natural heritage as showcases of myths and stories.